Truck Driving School Carrara: 5 Bad Driving Habits

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Truck Driving School Carrara


Truck Driving School Carrara:  5 Bad Driving Habits


What are the bad driving habits that could possibly lead to an accident?

Some drivers are becoming overconfident and they start to develop bad driving habits. Just because you are driving for so quite a while, doesn’t mean that you can take safety for granted.

Driving a vehicle is not as easy as it may seem. You need to have proper complete control over your vehicle to avoid any collision. But sometimes, drivers forget that they are sharing the road with another motorist and develop some bad driving habits.

Listed by our Truck Driving School Carrara, here are the 5 Bad Driving Habits that you might be doing:


  1. Cutting other vehicles off

    Driving before another vehicle without leaving ample distance is considered as a bad driving habit. It increases the risk of being hit from behind, particularly when the driver is not giving full attention to the road.

  2.  Ignoring speed limits

    You will always see this notice from different truck driving school carrara: the faster you drive, the longer for you to stop. Thus, less control of your vehicle. Some of the motorists tend to forget the importance of following speed limit in specific areas like in a school zone. School of Transport believes that following the speed limit will help avoid hitting another motorist and road hazards as it gives you more time to react.

  3. Driving too close

    Following another vehicle too close is a dangerous move. There is a higher chance of getting involved in a rear-end collision as you will not have enough space to stop your truck. Make sure you leave sufficient space when driving on the road. School of Transport recommends a following distance of three to five seconds behind another vehicle.

  4.  Talking to someone on the phone

    Although the Queensland Government has restricted the use of mobile phones whilst driving, some drivers continue making and receiving phone calls behind the wheel. The more you use your mobile phone, the higher the chance of getting into an accident. Truck Driving School Carrara stresses the dangers of using mobile phones whilst driving and becoming distracted.

  5. Not using your turn signal

    If you don’t use your turn signal to indicate what you are going to do, how can you expect other drivers to know what you are doing? Failing to use a turn signal is one of the most common bad driving habits. Anticipating what other drivers will do is a huge factor in avoiding crashes.

    How many of you are guilty of these bad driving habits?

    Can you change your driving to eliminate these bad  habits?

    Share your comments below of any bad driving habits that annoy you.

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