Getting your truck licence is a great step towards a new career, better pay or a new job in the mining or government sector. To help you on the road to getting your truck licences, we offer a wide range of solutions to help everyone in South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales get their truck licences sooner.

The 5 types of truck licence available and what they’re used for?

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LR Licence (Light Rigid)

This licence entitles you to drive a bus or truck that is more than 4.5t GVM but less than 8 tonne GVM.

In our personal experience, we suggest that anyone looking for an LR Licence consider getting their MR Licence as it provides extra flexibility for minimal extra cost.

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mr truck licence

MR Licence (Medium Rigid)

This is the most flexible of the ‘entry level’ licences as it allows you to drive a bus or truck that is larger than 8t GVM as long as it doesn’t have more than 2 Axles.

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HR Licence (Heavy Rigid)

The HR Licence enables you to drive much larger and more useful rigid trucks. This includes vehicles with at least 3 axels and more than 8t GVM.

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HC Licence (Heavy Combination)

The HC Licence allows you to drive a prime mover over 8t GVM with a semi trailer over 9t GVM.

It also allows you to drive a truck with more than 8t GVM with a trailer more than 9t GVM.

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MC Licence (Multi Combination)

A MC Licence is the largest vehicle licence that you can get. It enables you to drive any legal motor vehicle other than a motor bike.

Its essential for those wanting to drive B-Double’s or road train’s.

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How to get your truck licence?

There are 2 main ways that you can get your Truck Licence in either state.

The first way is much the same as your car licence, where you register with the department of transport or RTA for a test. Normally the waiting list for this is 4-6 weeks, plus you still need to hire a truck that you can do your test in.

The second, and much easier way, is to go through a licensed training organisation. Here at The School Of Transport, we are licensed under the NSW Heavy Vehicle Competency Based Assessment (HVCBA) to carry out your training and assessment, as well as being accredited by Queensland Transport to carry out your training and we will arrange your driving test with Queensland Transport .

This means that rather than waiting over a month, our instructors can teach you, and facilitate your assessment on the very same day so you can get a new job, promotion or pay rise quicker.

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