Getting your Bus Licence is a great way to increase your employability and give you more flexibility for excursions and trips with your students. And the best part- You can get it within 1 day and from as little as $540.

The type of bus that you need to drive will determine the overall cost of your licence as there are 3 different types of Rigid Licence.

What type of licence do you need to driver a Bus or School Bus?

There are 3 types of Bus, and each one requires a different type of licence. Our personal recommendation is to be prepared and get your HR Licence so you can drive all buses whether at your current job or one in the future.

The 3 types of Bus are:

school bus licence

Mini Buses:

These are 4.5t GVM to 8t GVM and only contain 2 axles. This is usually your 12-18 seat buses that are used by small schools or shuttle bus services.

To drive a minibus you only need a LR Licence. With this said, there is minimal price difference between your LR Licence and MR Licence. The only difference- Your MR Licence allows you to drive regular sized buses as well.

regular bus licence

Regular Buses:

These buses weight over 8t GVM but still only have 2 axles. They normally carry 20-40 people, either as public buses or as school buses.

To driver a Regular sized bus you need your MR Licence which you can get from just $540 for a 1 day course and lesson.

large bust licence

Bendy, Double Decker, and Large Buses:

If you’d like to driver this style of bus, then you’ll need your HR Licence. These buses normally hold 40-60 passengers, and are the largest buses on the road.

In order to driver these buses, or any vehicle that weighs more than 8t GVM and has 3 axles, you need your HR Licence.

The good news is that getting your HR Licence is also quite easy and affordable with our HR Licence In A Day packages starting from just $620.

What you’ll learn during your Bus Licence Course:

During your course you’ll learn…

  • How to operate a Synchromesh gearbox
  • The safe operation of a large rigid vehicle in and around traffic.
  • How to reverse, park and maneuver a large vehicle.

Specifics about your licence:

Because both Buses and Trucks use the same gearboxes and licences, you’ll be undertaking your training in a truck that fits the same licence as you’re looking for. But don’t worry- If you can drive the truck, you can drive a bus.

The gearboxes and controls are the same and our students normally find this an easier way to learn.

Why get your Bus or School Bus Licence from Us?

With 21 years experience training people in all sorts of heavy vehicle licences, our pass rates are the highest on the coast. Our instructors have created and fine tuned a training system that takes people who have never driven a bus or truck in their life, and gets them competent the very same day.

On top of this we are also…

  • Cheaper – WIth the most competitive pricing around
  • Easier – Either you can come to us, or we can come to you- whichever is easier for you
  • Quicker – There is no need to drag out the learning process or wait 4-6 weeks to get a test with the department of transport. We can take you from beginner to qualified in 1 day.
school bus licence

How to book your bus licence?

Booking your bus licence is easy. Either call us on (07) 5533 7011 or click the “Book Now” button below and fill out the form online.
We’ll then get back to you with a range of times and dates that we have available.

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