School Of Transport is the newest member of the Burleigh Driver Group. Offering the widest range of transport licence solutions, School Of Transport truly is a one stop shop for anyone looking to further their career in this industry.

Our trainers are real, friendly people who’ve been in the industry for years, not glorified teachers who’ve never been in the trade before.

We offer MR Licences, HR Licences, HC Licences and MC Licences across all of South-East Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

 Our Trucks:

Currently we have 3 modern, air-conditioned, well equipped trucks that we use for your training, and they are:

2008 UD GW 400  with a 13 Speed Eaton Road Ranger Gearbox

This truck allows you to get your Unrestricted licence which opens up massive employment opportunities. Plus it also makes upgrading in the future much easier.
This allows you to drive any type of HR Truck.

2007 MKA 245 with a 6 speed Synchromesh Gearbox

Ideal for those who want an easier time getting their licence and don’t ever plan on driving a prime mover with a road ranger box. Training in this vehicle will earn you your Condition B Licence.
Allowing you to drive synchromesh (Standard style manuals) and automatics.

2014 FUSO FV51 with a 12 speed Automatic Gearbox

An automatic truck for anyone who only needs a Condition A Licence and wants to get their licence quickly and easily. Note if you have a C Class (Manual) car licence you will receive a condiont B Truck licence allowing you to drive both synchromesh and automatic trucks.

School Of Transport Partnerships

NSW Licence Training (LR to MC) in Partnership with RTO Number 91544 – Aus Loadshifing (ALS) Pty Ltd
TLIC4006A Queensland MC Licence in Partnership with RTO Number 91655 – Raise Training
Forklift Training conducted by the One Stop Group  RTO Number 31737