Driver Training Gold Coast: 5 Ways to Prevent Drunk Driving

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Driver Training Gold Coast: 5 Ways to Prevent Drunk Driving

Think about it three times: YOU Booze, YOU Drive, YOU Lose!

It’s not worth it. Believe us.

Despite the many campaigns about the bad effects of drink driving, some drivers continue to get behind the wheel under the influence of alcohol. Drink driving can cause a significant damage not just to your vehicle but also to your surroundings.

A source from 9 News Gold Coast reported about a man allegedly drunk driving along Gold Coast, which caused huge damage in the street. Aside from lethal crashes, drunk driving can result in loss of licence, fines, or potential job loss.

So, what are the things that you can do to avoid drinking and driving?

School of Transport has compiled helpful tips on how to avoid drunk driving:

  1. Ring someone to pick you up

    If you think that you are already intoxicated and you can’t deal with the driving anymore, ensure that you call someone like your relative, companion, or colleague. Ask them if they can do the driving for you to avoid any accident.

  2. Call an uber or a taxi

    Taxi or uber would be your best option in situations like this. Riding a taxi may seem to be expensive but causing an accident is a lot costly. If you do not have a designated driver, looking for a taxi or uber would be your top choice.

  3. Be Responsible- Make wise decisions

    If you are matured enough to consume alcoholic when you are in a party or a bar, it is very important to always drink responsibly. If you do not have strong alcohol tolerance, our Driver Training Gold Coast recommends knowing your limit. This way, you can control yourself from drinking too much and you will not get drunk quickly.

  4. Self-Discipline

    If you plan to drink, make sure you don’t bring your vehicle with you so you won’t be tempted to use it. Know where you are going, whether it’s a bar or a party and if alcohol will be served. Decide earlier if you are going to drink. Safety starts with self-discipline. If you plan not to consume any alcohol, stick to it and never do so.

  5. Look for a designated driver:

    If you have plans to drink, our Driver Training Gold Coast advises looking for a designated driver that will do the driving for you. Make sure that this driver is not consuming any alcohol so you don’t have to worry about going home safe.

    Do you have some tips on how to prevent drinking and driving?

    Share it with us and let’s work together towards a zero-accident country.

    Have a safe driving!

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