The Qualities of a Good Driving Instructor

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Top 3 Qualities of a Great Driving Instructor


The Qualities of a Good Driving Instructor

What are the qualities that you are looking for a driving instructor?

If you have plans of getting a truck licence perhaps the first question that you may ask is how much will it cost? Going for cheaper fees is not always the better option. We all know that going for something cheaper may not always guarantee good results. So how will you ensure that you will get a quality training?

School of Transport has compiled the 3 Important Qualities of a Good Driving Instructor:

  1. Competency

    Driving instructors must have a full knowledge in operating different types of vehicles and must have a full understanding of road rules. They must provide up-to-date lessons and practical driving techniques. They should promote safe driving practices and set as an example of a being good driver.

  2. Commendable Driving Experience

    Experience plays a significant role in teaching students. A good driving instructor must have an extensive experience in driving. As the saying says; ‘Experience is the best teacher’.

    Learning from someone who had enough professional experience can be a huge factor in getting your truck licence as they can share you some techniques on how to pass the driving test easily.

  3. Ceaseless Patience and Constant Support

    Every student has his own learning stage. A good driving instructor must have enough patience and unending support. Some of the students may get the core concepts of driving quickly, but some will find it hard to manoeuvre a large vehicle. They may struggle when changing gears and identifying road hazards.

    A good instructor must be patient and willing to repeat the lessons in a more comprehensive way. But it doesn’t stop there, instructors must have constant support to each student, especially for first timers who are afraid of driving.

    Learning how to drive can be a real challenge. But with these qualities that our driving instructors possessed, you will find it very easy to understand driving lessons and one-on-one training.

    This Infographic presentation was designed to help you find the best instructor that will hone your talents and guide you in every part of your training program.

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