Truck School QLD: New Year’s Resolution for Drivers This 2017

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Truck School QLD


Truck School QLD: New Year’s Resolution for Drivers This 2017

2016 is finally over. Here comes 2017! Do you have a New Year’s Resolution?

When this time approaches, perhaps most of you will think of your New Year’s Resolution. With another year of driving with your seat belts on and getting behind the wheel, it is important that you leave your bad driving habits in 2016.  It is indeed a time of renewal and setting new goals.

Many drivers are making their New Year’s resolution to live be better, drive more safe and carry on with a drawn-out life this 2017. To begin the year right, our Truck School QLD will give you safe driving precautions in any weather condition for a safer journey this 2017.

School of Transport prepared some ideas to help you get started.

Here are the Top 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Drivers this 2017:

  1. “I will not use my mobile device whilst driving.”

    I just replied quickly is actually not a good thought. Even if you just used your mobile device for 10 to 15 seconds, it is considered a dangerous move because it can steal your focus on the road.

    In 2017, make it a practice to stop your vehicle in the most convenient place before using your phones. School of Transport recommends turning your mobile phones into silent mode to avoid distracted driving.

  2. “I will not drink and drive.”

    Driving under the influence of an alcoholic beverages is a widespread problem in Queensland Australia. Drinking alcohol weakens your alertness and lessens your reaction time.

    Our Truck School QLD has a couple of recommendations on how to avoid drunk driving:

    -Avoid consuming alcohol on consecutive nights.

    -Avoid drinking alcohol at all, especially when you have a prior driving schedule.

    -Drink responsibly. Know how much you can drink and make sure that you stay within the alcohol limit before you lose control and be in danger.

  3. “I will not over speed when I’m running out of time.”

    Some drivers do over speeding because they don’t want to get late to a delivery or in the office. This is not a good practice as it can cause certain damage to your vehicle and the motorist around you.

    In 2017, leave the house earlier and if you are stuck in the traffic, just accept the consequences of being late. Our Truck School QLD suggests maintaining enough space between your truck and the vehicle in front of you.

  4.  “I will keep the vehicle clean.”

    Maintaining a clean and organize truck will benefit you massively. You will find it easy to look for important documents and records.

    In 2017, remove clutter and dust inside your vehicle, clean the windows and vacuum the carpet. Do it regularly to avoid nastiness.

  5.  “I will practice a healthier lifestyle.”

    Recently, we’ve tackled the importance of truck driver health and well-being. Driving for long hours can promote unhealthy lifestyle because of a lot of sitting and minimal body exercise.

    This 2017, aim for a healthier lifestyle. Make sure to get a full sleep before doing the delivery. Our Truck School QLD suggests keeping a healthy body by doing some simple exercises like jogging and running. Drinking plenty of water can also be beneficial because it will keep your body hydrated, especially when driving on a hot weather.

    Following these good driving resolutions will surely make you a better driver and keep your families safe when driving on the road.

    Fasten your seat belts for another year full of curves and intersections.

    Have a safe driving this 2017!

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