Increasing Safety Around School Zones

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  Increasing safety around School Zones Do you feel nervous when you see children crossing the road? The massive amount of traffic during pick up times and drop off, combined with possible road hazards can really add up to the stress that drivers may feel. School of Transport has listed some ways to avoid hitting a child while driving:   … Read More

The Qualities of a Good Driving Instructor

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  The Qualities of a Good Driving Instructor What are the qualities that you are looking for a driving instructor? If you have plans of getting a truck licence perhaps the first question that you may ask is how much will it cost? Going for cheaper fees is not always the better option. We all know that going for something … Read More

Driver Training QLD: How to Be a More Confident Driver

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  Driver Training QLD: How to Be a More Confident Driver   In scale of 1 to 10? How will you gauge your confidence when driving on the road? Sometimes, even if you had enough practice and passed the driving lessons successfully, you still feel less confident driving on your own. But this should not be a major problem as … Read More

Truck Driving School Carrara: 5 Bad Driving Habits

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  Truck Driving School Carrara:  5 Bad Driving Habits   What are the bad driving habits that could possibly lead to an accident? Some drivers are becoming overconfident and they start to develop bad driving habits. Just because you are driving for so quite a while, doesn’t mean that you can take safety for granted. Driving a vehicle is not … Read More

Brisbane Truck School: Summer Driving Must Haves

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  Brisbane Truck School: Summer Driving Must-Haves Driving on a hot weather can be a real challenge for every driver, especially with the summer season starting to heat up. Imagine you are driving under the heat of the sun whilst overly sweating. How uncomfortable is that? Some vehicle problems can be aggravated by an increase in temperature. Traffic congestion combined … Read More

Truck School Brisbane: How to Drive on Roundabouts

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  Truck School Brisbane: How to Drive on Roundabouts Are you confident enough when driving on a roundabout? Driving on a roundabout is one of the common agitations of drivers. Not only for teenage drivers, but some of the most experienced motorists can be confused when they encounter this traffic circle. Some of the questions that may arise are: When … Read More