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What is a HC Licence?

A HC Licence covers you to drive trucks with a single trailer such as a Semi-trailer. It is the the lower of the 2 combination licences and comes with multiple condition levels.

Who Should Get An HC Licence?

The HC Licence is specific for people who are determined to make a career in the transport industry.

Unless you’re looking for full time employment driving for transport or quarry company’s then this licence is often overkill and we would recommend the HR Licence.

With this said if you’re any of the following then a HC Licence is for you:

  • Looking for a job as a Truckie
  • Working for a Quarry and need to drive a Truck and Dog
  • Wanting to build a career in the transport industry
  • Need to drive a truck with a 2 axle trailer that is more than 9t GVM for any reason

What Vehicles Can You Drive on an HC Licence?

The HC Licence allows you to drive any towed trailer with a GVM of more than 9t. This includes:

  • Prime Movers with a single trailer
  • Semi-Trailers
  • Floats
  • Low loaders
  • Pig trailers
  • Truck and Dogs

What Jobs Require an HC Licence?

A HC Licence is a standard requirement for most companies in the road freight industry. This includes companies like TOLL, Linfox, TNT, DHL and various other leaders in the industry.

Requirements to get an HC Licence?

In order to obtain your HC Licence there are a few conditions that you must meet. These are to protect you as well as other road users as combination trucks are harder to driver and take more experience.

These requirements are:

  • You must have held a MR or HR open or P Class for at least 1 year.
  • For NSW hold an open MR or HR licence
  • If you currently have a medical condition on your licence you need a new medical certificate for this class of licence.

Why Get Your HC Licence With Us?

The HC Licence is the gateway into the professional road freight industry, and here at School Of Transport we have a 21 year history of giving out students the best start possible.

With a very high pass rate across over 7,000 tests, our skilled instructors have created a systematic training structure that allows you to upgrade to your HC Licence in as little as 1 day.

We’re also the only driving school (to the best of our knowledge) between Burleigh Heads and Coff’s Harbour that gives you the option to do your HC Licence in the easier to drive Automatic/Synchromesh gearbox giving you a Condition B Licence, OR in with a Road Ranger box giving you an unrestricted licence.

What will you learn during your Heavy Combination training?

Even if your brand new to driving trucks, with our HC Licence In A Day package we can get you up to  speed in no time.

Plus, you get to choose if you’d like to get your Condition B Licence in our Automatic truck, or if you’d like to go unrestricted with our 13 speed Road Ranger truck.

As a part of your training you’ll learn…

  • How to reverse a trailer
  • Safe operation of a combination vehicle in and around traffic
  • How to unhitch and reconnect your trailer in under 12 minutes.
heavy combination training

hc licence cost

How Much Does a HC Licence Cost?

Costs vary greatly for your HC Licence depending on your level of experience. But as a standard a 1.5 hour lesson and test, the QLD HC Licences is $380

Check out our prices page for more information, or give us a call to discuss.

Specifics about your HC Licence:

You have the choice of which condition licence you’d like to obtain as we proudly offer both a Road Ranger and a Automatic/Synchromesh option.

Where do we service with our HC Licences?

We’re certified trainers and testers for both NSW and Queensland, which means that we can help you regardless of where you live in the South East or Northern NSW. We service:

  • Gold Coast
  • Logan
  • Ormeau
  • Coolangatta
  • Tweed Heads
  • Lismore
  • Grafton
  • Byron Bay
  • Kingscliffe

And even as far as Coffs Harbour

Book Your HC Licence Test

Booking your Heavy Combination licence is simple, easy and fast.

You have 2 options:

 Option 1: Give us a quick call on (07) 5533 7011 and ask to book your HC Licence

Option 2: Click here to go to the online booking form.
Let us know that you want your HC Licence, and we’ll get back to you with a list of times and dates to choose from.

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