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What is a MR Licence?

A Medium Rigid Licence (or MR Licence) is the intermediate class of heavy vehicle licence that allows your to drive a wider range of vehicles than an LR Licence. Its one of the most common licences for people to get as it offers larger flexibility and you can drive all two axled vehicles over 8t GVM.

Who Should Get a MR Licence?

MR Licences are useful for people in a range of industries including

Bus drivers
School teachers

Transport workers
Delivery drivers

What Vehicles Can You Drive on a MR Licence?

With your MR Licence you can drive any truck or bus with a maximum of 2 axles. This means you’ll be able to drive all the vehicles that you can on a light rigid licence, but you’re not capped at the restrictive 8t GVM.

What Jobs Require a MR Licence?

Most jobs that require an MR Licence fall into the delivery and bus driver demographics. From jobs with major courier companies such as TNT, right through to driving school buses and tow trucks, the MR Licence keeps your options more open.

jobs require a mr licence

Requirements to get a MR Licence?

Getting your MR Licence is a very straight forward procedure. Consisting of only 4 steps: Step 1: Have held an up to date, provisional or open drivers licence for 1 year Step 2: Complete the driver knowledge test Step 3: Learn to driver a Medium Rigid Vehicle with a registered training school Step 4: Successfully complete your Medium Rigid licence test

Why Get Your MR Licence With Us?

Getting your MR Licence is a crucial step towards a successful career in the transport industry, so its essential that you choose the right training organization to work with. On top of the 7,000 tests that we’ve completed over the last 21 years, and the 90% pass rate our students have, here are 3 other reasons to get your MR Licence with The School Of Transport.

We are cheaper – With your licence and test from only $240
We are quicker – You can get your licence this week and in only a few hours
We are easier – You can come to one place and get your lessons and testing done the very same day.

What will you learn during your Medium Rigid training?

If you’ve never driven a truck before, then don’t worry because our MR training covers everything you need to know to get your licence and be a safe driver on the roads.

As a part of your training you’ll learn…
How to use a Synchromesh gearbox without issues
What an exhaust or engine brake is and when to use it
How to control a truck with and without load
The fine points of maneuvering a medium truck in and around traffic
And much, much more.

How Much Does a MR Licence Cost?

An MR Licence costs slightly different amounts depending on which state you are in. In Queensland your test and a 1 hour lesson will only cost you $240. Or if you’d like your licence in a day, then you can be qualified the same day for only $635- even if you’ve never driven a truck before. For your NSW MR Licence, click here to view prices.

Specifics about your MR Licence:

Here at The School Of Transport we have a range of vehicles specifically chosen to give you the most relevant configuration for the industry that you’re likely to join. This means that your MR training and test will be done in our 2007 UD MKA series truck which is equipped with a 6 speed synchromesh gearbox. This will give you an MR Condition B Licence, which is industry standard for vehicles of this size, and is the most required licence by employers. Not to mention the Synchromesh box is easier and quicker to master.

Where do we service with our MR Licences?

We can get you a NSW MR Licence, or a QLD MR Licence as we are certified trainers in both states. This means that we service all of northern New South Wales and South East Queensland including:

Gold Coast
Tweed Heads
Byron Bay
And even as far as Coffs Harbour

Book Your MR Licence Test.

Booking your Heavy Rigid licence is simple, easy and fast.

You have 2 options:

 Option 1: Give us a quick call on (07) 5533 7011 and ask to book your HR Licence

Option 2: Click here to go to the online booking form.
Let us know that you want your HR Licence, and we’ll get back to you with a list of times and dates to choose from.

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