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What is an LR Licence?

A LR Licence is your Light Rigid Licence. Its the first step above your car licence and allows you to drive slightly larger vehicles.

It is the cheapest and most affordable truck licence to get. However MR Licence is better value.

What Vehicles Can You Drive on an LR Licence?

  • A Light truck up to 8 t GVM.
  • A Small bus that isn’t more than 8t GVM or capable of carrying more than 12 people including the driver
  • Either of the above vehicles towing a trailer with a maximum weight of 9T GVM

Who Should Get An LR Licence?

  • Tradies – Who only need to drive a very small truck (Between 4.5t GVM and 8t GVM)
  • School Teachers – Who would like to drive the school bus for excursions
  • Tour Guides or Operators  – Who need to take guided tours or do airport transfers

What Jobs Require an LR Licence?

Most jobs that require an LR Licence do so as a part of many roles. For example some labourer and delivery jobs, minibus drivers for couriers and airport shuttles as well as some bus driver positions.

If you’re getting your heavy vehicle licence to increase your skills and get a new job we strongly suggest that you upgrade to an MR Licence instead. They are just as easy and affordable but provide far more flexibility in the vehicles you can drive. Click here for MR Licence.

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Requirements to get an LR Licence?

Getting your LR Licence is a very straight forward procedure. Consisting of only 4 steps:

Step 1: Have held an up to date, provisional or open drivers licence for 1 year

Step 2: Complete the driver knowledge test – This test is done directly through the RMS and QLD Department of Transport

Step 3: Learn to driver a Light Rigid Vehicle with a registered training school

Step 4: Successfully complete your Light Rigid licence test

Why Get Your LR Licence With Us?

There are many companies out there that you can get your Light Rigid licence with, but here are the 3 reasons why you should complete your training and test with The School Of Transport:

  1. We are cheaper – With your licence and test from only $240*
  2. We are quicker – You can get your licence this week and in a few hours
  3. We are easier – You can come to one place and get your lessons and testing done the very same day.

With over 7,000 successful tests in the past 21 years, and an over 90% pass rate, you simply can’t go wrong.

*School Of Transport can provide training but will require you to bring your own LR vehicle

What will you learn during your LR Training and Licence?

During your LR Licence training you’ll learn everything you need to successfully pass either the QLD or NSW tests. This includes…

  • How to safely maneuver a vehicle
  • The right way to reverse, brake, and park a light rigid vehicle
  • And all the necessary skills you need to get a job with your LR Licence straight away.

How Much Does An LR License Cost?

Your LR License and test is only $240 for Queensland Licenses, and $297 For NSW

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Book Your LR Licence Test.

Booking your Light Rigid licence is simple, easy and fast.

You have 2 options:

 Option 1: Give us a quick call on (07) 5533 7011 and ask to book your LR Licence

Option 2: Click here to go to the online booking form.
Let us know that you want your LR Licence, and we’ll get back to you with a list of times and dates to choose from.

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