Driver Training QLD: How to Be a More Confident Driver

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Driver Training QLD: How to Be a More Confident Driver


In scale of 1 to 10? How will you gauge your confidence when driving on the road?

Sometimes, even if you had enough practice and passed the driving lessons successfully, you still feel less confident driving on your own. But this should not be a major problem as some Driver Training QLD schools will help you feel safer when getting behind the wheel and eventually doing the driving by yourself.

Some drivers only feel confident when driving on a straight road. It means less traffic, no more hazards and steady speed limit. But remember that this is not always the case, as you may experience driving in a congested area which can be frustrating.

If you are one of the drivers who tend to feel less confident when getting behind the wheel, here are some tips on how to get your confidence going:

6 Helpful Tips To Become a More Confident Driver:


  1. Turn off the music

    Listening to loud music whilst driving can cause distraction. Instead of keeping the volume high, prefer playing quiet and calming songs in the background that will make you feel more tranquil and comfortable.

  2. Learn how to drive in any weather condition

    To keep your confidence in progress, you need to be prepared to drive in all kinds of weather. Severe road conditions can make a big difference in your normal driving. To ensure your safety, look for helpful weather tips and follow some driving precautions.

  3. Learn how to park

    Many drivers, especially young ones learn to drive in a spacious parking lot. This practice allows you to learn to manoeuvre your vehicle without worrying too much about hitting another motorist.  Thus, giving you more confidence when driving for long hours.

  4. Get some ‘refresher’ lessons with a driving instructor

    Try to take some refresher sessions with a qualified trainer to get your confidence going. Even if you have gotten your licence few years ago, it’s a good idea to opt a refresher and identify some bad driving habits.

    You can also ask your instructor to guide you in certain areas that you think you’re not confident enough.

  5. Practice driving gradually

    Once you start driving on your own, our Driver Training School QLD suggests doing it progressively. Try to give yourself ample time in learning simple driving exercises like good weather or daytime driving without taking any passengers with you yet. Driving is a complex process and mastering the basics of driving can boost your confidence.

  6. Select the right driving instructor

    When learning how to drive, it is very vital that you pick the right trainer who will help you assess the things that you need to improve on. It could be how to drive on roundabouts, safe parking tips and getting the correct type of licence that will suit your current needs.

    Our Driver Training QLD School suggests considering having a professional driving instructor that will assist you one on one in training and will help you overcome the fear of driving.

    It can take a lot of effort and practice to be more confident behind the wheel. Following these helpful tips can help you become more comfortable in driving any kind of vehicle.

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