Great Questions!

I get this one a lot. We have three modern air-conditioned trucks or which are well equipped to take you for comfortable training lessons.

1. 2008 UD GW 400- this truck has a 13 Speed Eaton Road Ranger Gearbox, meaning it’s perfect for anyone going for  an unrestricted licence

2. 2007 MKA 245- this truck has a 6 speed synchromesh gearbox. It’s designed for those who want an easier truck licence and who don’t plan on driving a prime mover with a road ranger box. Training with this vehicle will give you a class B Licence.

3.2014 FUSO FV51– this truck has a 12 Speed Automatic Gearbox, meaning if you want to get a licence quick and easy you will learn in this one. Note if you have a manual car licence you will be allowed to drive both synchromesh and automatic trucks!

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Our packages are great deals.

Not only do we save you money by purchasing these sessions in bulk but we are also flexible in the number of lessons you want and need.

meaning if you only need 2 lessons before sitting your driving assessment then that’s all will recommend you do!

Alternatively if you would prefer more lessons, that won’t be a problem. Our high pass rate will put your mind at ease, that you’ll get your licence easily and quickly.

Our HR packages include (QLD prices):

  • 4 hr training sessions (Valued at $330)
  • Your Driving Assessment  (Valued at $110)
  • Truck Use Hire and Insurance (Valued at $220)

Total package includes: $620.00 + $56.00 For Queensland Transport Free and $21.55 for Written Knowledge test.

Total Includes: $697.55

or if you are confident and feel you don’t need any extra lessons than the total price will be only $290.00

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It might seem too good to be true but it’s not.

You see our prices are so much cheaper because we only suggest you do the lessons you need to successfully pass.

This means if you’re confident with your ability to drive a heavy vehicle then you will need fewer lessons, which is why our prices are lower.

You can expect to  pay only for the lessons you need!

School of Transport offers many different licence solutions to help you further your career in the truck driving industry.

We are passionate about helping as many people as possible get their heavy vehicle licence which is why we do our best to help you succeed in getting your licence straight away.

We are real friendly people who have been in the truck driving industry for years, so feel rest assured that you’re working with people who are experts in the industry and who care about you passing.

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This question entirely depends on what your goals are.
If you’re looking at expanding your employment opportunities than going for your HR licence is best.

Not only will it allow you to easily upgrade your licence to a HC and MC licence but it’s also the most cost-effective investment.

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This question is a good one to ask, and honestly it completely depends on your confidence and on any previous experience you might have.

Meaning if you’re upgrading from a HR licence to a HC licence, then you require less lessons.

If you’ve never drove a heavy vehicle before then the recommended three lessons prior to your examination is recommended.

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Great Question!

Ok to simply clarify a LR licence will help teach you how to safely manoeuvre a vehicle, how to reverse properly and how to park.  Plus all other necessary skills you need to get a job with your LR licence. The kind of jobs you can get with this sort of licence includes:

  • tour guide bus operators
  • small mini bus drivers
  • tradies who need to drive a very small truck

An LR licence allows you to tow up to a maximum weight of 9t GVM, to drive a small bus carrying no more than 12 people including driver and to drive a truck up to 8t GVM.

We offer LR driving lessons but we will require you to supply your own LR vehicle for the driving lessons. Alternatively we recommend you to go for your MR licence instead. This will provide you with more job opportunities plus allow you to drive both an LR and MR vehicle. We Also have an MR vehicle for you to use so you won’t have to bring your own.

MR licence allows you to drive a wider range of vehicles than a LR licence, which is why we recommend it for better value of money. This licence allows you to driver all two axled vehicles over 8t GVM.

The licence is perfect for industries such as:

  • Tradies
  • Bus Drivers
  • School teachers
  • Transport Workers
  • Delivery Drivers

But for better job opportunities we always suggest a HR licence instead.

HR Licence is the largest in the rigid licence category, which makes it the most useful for people.  Some of the jobs you can get with an HR Licence includes:

  • Council workers
  • Bus drivers
  • Emergency services
  • Earth moving contractors
  • Removalists
  • Waste management companies
  • Transport workers

What makes it better is you can drive vehicles with 3 or more axles and that are over 8t GMV. This includes double decker buses, dual axel tippers and large rigid vehicles plus your LR and MR vehicles too.

If you’re looking to get into the Mining, council or emergency services, then a HR Licence is for you. Click here to book your HR licence appointment now

There are heaps of job opportunities for people with a HR licence.

In fact this licence is more in demand for employment than any other vehicle licence, especially for someone who doesn’t have their truck licence yet.

If you’re interested in going for your HR truck licence then you can expect to have a wider range of job opportunities such as:

  • Mining – Where it is a standard requirement
  • Council workers
  • Bus drivers
  • Emergency services
  • Earth moving contractors
  • Removalists
  • Waste management companies
  • Delivery drivers
  • Transport workers

It also allows you to upgrade your licence more easily and affordably to a HC or MC licence, which will open up real job opportunities in the transport industry not to mention the potential of earning a 6 figure income!

Excellent question!

Great news, it’s not too hard to do.

All you need is to hold your car licence for 12 months if you’re applying for an MR licence, 24 months for a HR licence plus complete a written and practical QLD Transport exam.

If you hold an MR licence for 12 months or more you can upgrade to a HC licence and…

If you hold your HR licence for 12 months or more then you can either upgrade to a HC or MC licence

and If you have your HC licence for 12 months or more you can upgrade to a MC (B-double/Road train) licence.

If you’ve already completed your written test at QLD transport then you can get started on your lesson straight away! However this isn’t necessary with School of Transport as we can start your truck lessons without one first, and then sit the written exam through us for much less!

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we expect a wide range of payment options to make it easier and safer for you to pay. This means we accept:

  • Cash
  • Credit Cards
  • Eftpos
  • Direct Deposit
  • Cheques

All lessons need to be paid for on the day or in advance.

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We definitely do!

That means if you’re short on time, you can get your licence in just one day!

we offer this great deal for our Northern NSW clients and Queensland clients, and they love it.

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Yes we definitely can!

In Fact we would be more than happy to organise it because we can ensure that the vehicle and your instructor is available for you on the day of your test.

Book your lessons here! 

When you book your practical driving test with us you will save more money.

Our booking fee includes GST so there are no hidden costs of fees.

This means for your practical QLD transport test it will be a small invest of $56.00 including GST and your QLD written Knowledge test will be only $21.55 including GST.

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We ask that you come to our trucks for your driving lessons.

Our address is: 31 Stevens Street, Nerang Qld 4211 and you can visit us anytime between 6:00am and 6:00pm Monday-Sunday